Spearheaded the strategic design and brand development of LYF, a disruptive smartphone OEM brand. From the ground up, we built LYF into a powerhouse - priming the first million customers of Reliance Jio, achieving a remarkable $1 billion valuation and securing the position of India's third largest smartphone selling brand in a mere six months. This success is a testament to the leadership team’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Special kudos to Isha Ambani and Caroline Seifert.

Additionally, I got the opportunity to play a pivotal role in mapping the landscape of Connected LYF within Jio, shaping an ecosystem that seamlessly integrated LYF smartphones, other smart devices with Jio's extensive network infrastructure and services. This strategic collaboration solidified LYF's position as an industry leader, setting new standards in the smartphone market and leaving a lasting impact.

Design scope 
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Brand: Naming, Identity, Packaging
Print & Digital applications
Trendspotting & Speculative design
User experience
Service design


Design Team: Abhishek Verma, Arjun S, Chander Kohli, Jit Mukherjee, Jose Barrera, Rhitam Das, Rohan Talwalkar, Roman Wratschko
PR & Comms
And many more - internal & external 

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