Led a transformative design strategy project targeting last mile healthcare delivery in Africa, with a primary objective of addressing child mortality under the age of five. Through extensive research and analysis, our multidisciplinary team developed an innovative design framework aimed at optimizing healthcare processes and improving service delivery.

Our proposal emphasized the implementation of standardized protocols and intuitive interface to streamline healthcare operations and enhance efficiency. By leveraging feature phones and community health worker programs, we aimed to improve access to healthcare services and empower caregivers with essential information and resources. Additionally, we focused on user-centric design, proposing comprehensive training programs to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality care. Raising awareness and promoting community engagement were key elements of our strategy to drive positive health outcomes.

With this design proposal and strategy, our goal was to revolutionize last mile healthcare delivery, resulting in a significant reduction in child mortality rates and creating a meaningful impact on the healthcare landscape in Africa. By implementing these recommendations, we aimed to enhance the overall healthcare experience, ensuring that vulnerable children receive the care they need and deserve.

Design scope

Information design
Service design


IMS Health
World Bank
Domain experts
Office of First Lady of Mozambique