Design and communication strategy for Cyber Suraksha Kavach (CSK), an innovative undertaking aimed at safeguarding and securing our increasingly connected daily lives. With the rising reliance on social networks, mobile and tablet devices, and websites for daily transactions and activities, the risk of cyber attacks, theft, fraud, and abuse has also grown substantially, affecting people of all age groups.

In response to this pressing need, the Government of Gujarat has initiated CSK, which stands as a pioneering effort backed by state-of-the-art technology.

The primary goal of CSK is to foster collaboration between public and private sectors, developing a robust infrastructure to combat cyber threats and enhance cyber security for the citizens of Gujarat. Moreover, CSK works in close partnership with Law Enforcement Agencies, such as the Gujarat Police, Digital Crime, and Forensic Experts, as well as high-skilled executives from the Ministry of Law and Justice, creating a united front to create a safer and secure cyber space for current and future generations.

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