As the head of design and innovation at India's largest ridehailing company, my team and I embarked on a journey to shape the future of mobility. Guided by the vision and direction of Bhavish; we built a team of ~20 talented designers and innovators, working on transformative projects that pushed boundaries.

Our flagship projects included Ola Play, a connected car ecosystem that revolutionized the ridehailing experience, and Ola Electric, an ecosystem focused on electric micromobility. We also ventured into other areas such as AI-dashcam for driver/passenger safety, EV Flagship stores, Ola Electric brand experience, and Service design system for Driver onboarding, Device Installation, Battery swapping, Retail experience and a lot more.

With Ola Play, we turned vehicles into interactive entertainment and information hubs, offering personalized content to passengers and driver partners, throughout their journey. Through collaborations with content providers, hardware manufacturers, and app developers, we created an unparalleled connected car experience.

Ola Electric aimed to redefine sustainable transportation by developing purpose-built electric vehicle, establishing charging infrastructure, and seamlessly integrating with the Ola platform. Our goal was to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

Together, our team transformed India's largest ridehailing company into a trailblazer of innovation and sustainable mobility. By integrating technology, design thinking, and a deep understanding of customer needs, we set the stage for a future of transportation that unlocked new possibilities and drove positive change.

Design scope: Lead and unlock new growth opportunities.

Design team I was fortunate to build & lead:

Akhilan K, Arijit Dey, Arjun S, Hardik Pandya, Hemanth Ravindran, Krishna Prasad, Manas Vaze, Manu Chaudhary, Mihul Prakash, Poorva Mankad, Priyanka Meena, Ravi Ahirwar, Shant Sagar, Shiven, Shreeyash Salunke, Sudhir Mor, Vinod Ramamoorthy

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