That’s me after the Mundan Ceremony
I enjoy problem solving with the mindset of an entrepreneur and the heart of a designer. I am also captivated by atoms and enamored by bits. 

Before all that, I am the very embodiment of that main guy from the quirky French movie, "Stuck Together." Little did I know that the pandemic would turn me into a mirror image of that character, but hey, life has a funny way of revealing our true selves.

Now, let's talk prepping. Yes, I am a Prepper with a capital 'P,' but hold on, don't we all have a little bit of prepper instincts? It's the survival mode that kicked in when the world turned upside down, and we stockpiled sanitisers like it was the new currency. Atleast, I did.

During those long, contemplative hours, I pondered what the next two decades had in store for me. My ponderings led me to delve into history, like a digital Swami from Malgudi Days, on a quest for ancient wisdom. Hidden within those dusty pages are some serious nuggets of wisdom, and I swear, they're not just old folks' ramblings.

But my story doesn't start with pandemics and prepping. Flashback to the '80s when I was a wide-eyed kid, blessed in a family of carpenters. My career kicked off straight out of school, hustling as a store salesperson at a Nike outlet. The irony of selling shoes I could only afford because of my blessed employee discount!

The real adventure began when I landed a job at those infamous cyber cafes. Those cafes were like wormholes to a parallel universe, sucking us in like a vortex of pixelated fun. It was a wonder I didn't turn into a pixel myself.

Then, a technological miracle happened. I was bestowed with an assembled PC at home, accompanied by Encarta and a dial-up internet, where my modem's handshake felt like an intergalactic rendezvous with aliens. Knowledge at my fingertips, I was ready to conquer the world, one digital encyclopedia entry at a time. What a brave new world it was!

Formal education paved the way, leading me through the realms of computers and design, shaping my path forward. And that, my friends, is where the chapter of history meets the present.

As the ink of time continues to write my story, I revel in my love for experimentation and embracing paths less traveled. Sure, it's been humbling, with its share of successes and failures, but isn't that what makes life a thrilling rollercoaster ride?